Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ahhh, spring

Finally spring has arrived! The smell of freshly cut grass...airing out the house...tractors going obscenely slow down the highway. All seems well with the world.

This year, B is old enough to play outside and let me tell you, he wants to! He is like a child obsessed, coming in only when I bribe him with food or a bath. This morning he even decided that he was going to play, despite the fact that we had to get to the sitter's! He was also not a happy camper when we had to leave the sitter's (imagine that, he was playing outside!)!

I love the temper tantrum phase! It is so funny to watch him become upset at the slightest inconvenience and stomp, growl, and throw himself down on the ground. I try not to laugh because that only makes him more angry but seriously, it's comical! I'm doing my best to get a picture of it, but the minute he sees the camera, he's all ham!

Not a lot of stamping going on...I've been too busy trying to catch up from being gone all weekend. Hopefully when the little guy goes down for a nap over the weekend I'll get something done, finally!

A parting survey: Vertical house siding: Classy or trashy? We're having a major discussion at our house about this very question. I'm interested in your opinion, as it just may make my case!

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